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Benefits of a Security Alarm System

Even if having a security alarm installed could be a costly endeavour, the overall benefits far exceed its cost. Some of the most important benefits of an alarm monitoring system are:

- Protection from intruders: probably the most important benefit is that your home will be protected 24/7. While a regular house alarm might not chase off intruders, this system will certainly do. Burglars can easily realise which type of alarm you have, especially since some security companies post a sign stating that your property is protected by them. In case you are not at home, the company will still be notified, and they will call the police. Because of this, you will get the peace of mind your family, possessions and property are protected.

- Protection from fire or carbon monoxide leak: usually, carbon monoxide detectors are not mandatory in every state, therefore your life is at risk without one of these systems installed. If the alarm system detects carbon monoxide or smoke that comes from fire, the alarm starts buzzing, while the company is notified about it.

- Save money on the insurance policy: many homeowners are not aware of this unique advantage of having a security alarm system. While having such a system, you might save around 20% on the insurance policy. Since this is an everybody-wins situation, the insurance company can offer you a 20% price reduction from the total amount, because they know that the likelihood of paying for a burglary or fire is greatly diminished.

- An increased home value: along with all other benefits, a security alarm system usually increases the resale value of your home by up to 5%, while attracting more potential buyers. With an alarm monitoring system, you can gain the peace of mind your family is secure, while increasing the overall value of your property.


  • A tension free mind
  • Wireless system - easy to install and easy to operate
  • Virtual security guard that does not sleep
  • Alerts in case of intrustion and possibility of fire-outbreak even before it starts.
  • Alarm generated is loud enough to be heard by the neighbors and the security guard
  • Built-in tamper sensor triggers an alarm if there's any attempt to tamper with the device